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What is Special About the Rooftop of the Duomo Milan?

The rooftop of the Duomo di Milan offers visitors stunning views of the city and the cathedral itself. Several aspects of the cathedral's stunning architecture such as its towering spires, flying buttresses, and erected figures go largely unnoticed because of the massive heights at which they are constructed. The terrace of the Duomo Milan is situated 65 meters above the ground and is a great way to view the Gothic aesthetic and intricate detailing in this 700-year-old cathedral. It's a must-visit spot for anyone interested in the architecture of the Duomo Milan, or just a breath of fresh air and a beautiful view.

Why Visit Duomo Milan Rooftop?

Duomo Milan - Rooftop

Know Before You Go

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How can I access the Rooftop of the Duomo Milan?

You can access the rooftop of the Duomo Milan through the following ways.

  • By Lift: You can reach the rooftop conveniently by accessing the lift. Remember to check if the usage of the elevator is included in your ticket.
  • By Stairs: Find the entrance to the terrace in the transept. There are 170 stairs that lead to the terrace. At a height of 147 feet or 45 meters, two parallel paths lined with spires run along the northern and southern flanks, on the first level of the Terraces. The walkways lead to the counter facade where you will reach a steep flight of stairs of another 50 that will take you to the belvedere or central terrace.

Highlights of the Duomo Milan Rooftop

Duomo Milan Rooftop Gothic Architecture

Gothic Architecture

The cathedral’s terrace is renowned for its openwork pinnacles and 135 spires, set upon delicate flying buttresses. The terrace platform is surrounded by walled structures, archways, banisters, and spires adorned with stone carvings such as statues, and architectural flourishes of gothic design including 150 gargoyle water spouts. The counter facade is made of Candoglia marble and it is intricately carved with strange objects including an icepick, a rope, a racket as well as the face of Dante Alighieri.

Duomo Milan Rooftop View

The View

Upon the rooftop, you will get a chance to admire the well-known Piazza del Duomo and get unbeatable views of the city of Milan. Look over the stone walls and you will see intricately designed flying buttresses, with shooting spires and sculptures. You may also catch the Carelli Spire, the oldest spire on the north slope of the terrace, named after Duomo’s greatest benefactor. On a clear day, you may even see alpine mountains in the distance. You can also see the Church of St. Gottardo, a beautiful church of Lombard Gothic, Neoclassical and Baroque styles, and its charming bell tower.

Spires and Statues of Duomo Milan Rooftop

History of The Duomo Milan Rooftop In a Nutshell

History of The Duomo Milan Rooftop

The stunning terrace of the Duomo Milan as it is today was only a basic structure during the first 400 years of the cathedral’s construction. Under the initiative of Napoleon, after he was crowned the King of Italy, new works were undertaken on the facade and rooftop between 1807-1813. During this time, most of the spires were placed on the roof and several stained glass windows with enamel-painted glass were put in place. The Great Spire, also called the ‘Guglia Maggior’, began in 1765 and was finished in 1769, according to the design of Architect Francesco Croce. The Madonnina statue, measuring 4 meters tall, was erected on the Great Spire in 1774. In the bombardment of the city in 1943, the statue of Saint George was broken to pieces. Even the golden Madonnina statue was covered with a cloth to avoid attracting the attention of aerial bombers.

Duomo Milan Rooftop Visiting Tips

  • To get to the rooftop, you can take the elevator up or ascend the staircase located on the south side of the Cathedral.
  • You can access the rooftop only by buying tickets that are available online or at the ticket office of the cathedral.
  • You choose to buy tickets that exclusively access the rooftop, or you may opt for guided tours where rooftop access is usually included. 
  • Choose to go on foot if you are comfortable climbing the 250 stairs that lead to the central terrace. 
  • Using the lift is recommended for senior citizens and disabled people. However, once you reach the rooftop, there are 50 stairs that need to be climbed to reach the central terrace.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Duomo Milan Rooftop

Q. Can I access the rooftop of the Duomo Milan?

A. Yes, visitors can access the rooftop of the Duomo Milan by purchasing rooftop access tickets.

Q. Are Duomo Milan rooftop tickets available online?

A. Yes, tickets to the Duomo Milan rooftop can be purchased online or at the ticket office.

Q. How can I get to the Duomo Milan rooftop?

A. You can get to the rooftop by using the staircase located in the transept of the cathedral, or by using the lift.

Q. What are the timings of the Duomo Milan rooftop?

A. The Duomo Milan rooftop is open daily from 9 AM to 7 PM with the last admission at 6 PM.

Q. When was the Duomo Milan rooftop built?

A. The rooftop of the Duomo Milan was built in the late 18th century.

Q. Do I have to follow a dress code to enter Duomo Milan rooftop?

A. There is no specific dress code, but modest attire is required to enter the Duomo Milan.

Q. What can I see on the Duomo Milan rooftop?

A. The Duomo Milan rooftop offers stunning panoramic views of the city, including the cathedral's intricate spires and sculptures.

Q. Can you go to the Duomo Milan rooftop for free?

A. No, visitors must purchase a ticket to access the Duomo Milan rooftop.

How many stairs are the there to reach the Duomo Milan Rooftop?

There are more than 200 stairs that must be climbed to reach the rooftop of the Duomo Milan. Alternatively, you could use the lift (which costs extra).