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MilanMalpensa Airport

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Speed Into Milan with Malpensa Airport Transfers

Milan Malpensa Airport

If you're jetting into Milan, you'll touch down at Milan Malpensa Airport, your gateway to the city's vibrant energy. Zoom in conveniently with airport transfers for a seamless connection. The airport, although 50 kms away from the Milan city, has been made readily accessible with a plethora of airport transfer options available. Keep reading to delve into details about the Malpensa airport and its city connections through Milan.

Address: Milan Malpensa Airport, 21010 Ferno VA, Italy
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No of Terminals: 2
Distance from London: 50 km
Popular Travel Options: Milan Airport Transfers
Frequency of Bus Transfers: Every 30 to 40 minutes 
Frequency of Train Transfers: Every 30 minutes

Modes of Milan Malpensa Airport Transfers

Bus transfer

Bus Transfers

Bus transfers to and from Milan Malpensa airport to Milan central city are as economical as they are accessible. Available around the clock, these budget-friendly options offer convenience and multiple stops for added flexibility. Enjoy your comfy journey aboard spacious buses.

Recommended Tickets: Autostradale Bus One-Way Tickets | Terravision One-Way Bus Tickets: Milan Malpensa Airport to/from Milan

train transfer

Train Transfers

For the swiftest link between Malpensa Airport and Milan City, opt for train transfers – your ideal choice for a speedy and dependable city connection. Efficiency meets comfort with the renowned Malpensa Express train service. This dedicated train offers a direct and swift route to the city center.

Recommended Tickets: Malpensa Express Round-Trip Tickets: Milan Malpensa Airport to/from Milan Central Station

Terravision Buses


Economical and comfortable, Terravision buses offer efficient services 24/7 from Malpensa Airport to Milan Central. With tickets valid throughout the date of booking, rest easy in case of airport delays and simply board the next Terravision bus that comes along and experience smooth commuting.

Routes: Malpensa Airport - Milan Central Station
Frequency: Every 30 minutes
Operating Hours: 12:00 AM to 11:30 PM

Autostradale Bus
Malpensa Express

Which Milan Malpensa Airport Transfer Service Is the Best for You?


Fastest Transfer Option


Cheapest Transfer Option

Train Transfer

Convenient Transfer Option

  • Recommended Mode: Train Transfer
  • Significantly cut down on travel time by choosing the convenient train rides from Malpensa Airport.
  • Recommended Tickets: Malpensa Express One-Way Tickets
One-Way Transfers

One-Way Transfers

comfort roundtrip transfer

Round Trip Transfers

Navigating Malpensa Airport to Milan: Your transfer routes

Plan Your Journey From Malpensa Airport

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Airport Facilities
Airport Amenities
How long does it take to reach Milan central from Malpensa Airport?

Milan Malpensa Airport is located at a distance of 50 km from the city center of Milan. If you choose to commute by the Autostradale bus, you can reach the city in one hour and if you choose Malpensa Express, you can reach Milan Central in 51 minutes.

What are the recommended modes of transfers from Milan Malpensa Airport?

The recommended modes of transfers from Milan Malpensa Airport include the efficient Malpensa Express train, offering a fast and direct connection to Milano Central, and the budget-friendly Terravision and Autostradale Bus service, providing a convenient link to key areas within the city.

What types of transfer tickets are available from Milan Malpensa Airport?

Depending on your travel schedule, you have the option to select either a one-way transfer or a round-trip transfer. If it's an extended vacation, a one-way transfer ticket suits best. On the other hand, if you've fixed a return date and organized itinerary, round-trip transfers offer greater convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Airport lounge
  • Customer assistance: Tourist info in Terminal One for airport, services, flights, and city guidance.
  • Airport lounge: Well-equipped lounges for relaxation and comfort.
  • Communication: Telephone booths with Braille for effective communication.
  • Lost and found: Service for item recovery.
  • Wi-Fi: Access in lounges, Check-in, Boarding, restaurants, with online purchase option.
  • ATM machines & Currency Exchange: ATMs and exchange offices are there on all terminals for visitor convenience.
Malpensa Airport Amenities
  • Lifts: Braille-equipped elevators for easy movement.
  • Medical assistance: First-aid centers in Terminal One and Terminal Two.
  • Accessibility: Ramps, parking, and special arrangements.
  • Baggage safes: Storage in Arrivals Hall B for a fee.
  • Restrooms: Facilities for personal comfort.
  • Baby Changing Station: Convenient baby-changing station for people traveling with babies.

Frequently Asked Questions About Milan Malpensa Airport Transfers

What is the cost of a Milan Malpensa Airport transfer ticket?

The cost of a Milan Malpensa Airport transfer ticket starts from €10 and varies depending on the chosen mode of transportation and the features included in your ticket.

What are the timings and schedules of Milan Malpensa Airport transfer?

Timings and schedules for Milan Malpensa Airport transfers depend on the selected service, with options available throughout the day and night to accommodate different flight schedules.

What are Milan Malpensa Airport transfers?

Milan Malpensa Airport transfers refer to transportation options that connect the airport with the city center or other destinations, ensuring a smooth journey for travelers.

Where can I buy Milan Malpensa Airport transfer tickets?

You can buy Milan Malpensa Airport transfer tickets online via authorized platforms.

What are the advantages of buying a Milan Malpensa Airport transfer ticket?

Buying a Milan Malpensa Airport transfer ticket offers convenience, pre-planned transportation, cost savings, and a hassle-free journey from the airport to your destination.

What are the popular airport transfer services from Milan Malpensa Airport?

Popular airport transfer services from Milan Malpensa Airport include the Terravision fleet of buses, Malpensa Express train and Autostradale Bus.

Why should I buy Milan Malpensa Airport transfer tickets online?

Buying Milan Malpensa Airport transfer tickets online allows you to secure your travel plans in advance, often offering discounts and avoiding potential queues at the airport.

What is the validity of my Milan Malpensa Airport transfer ticket?

The validity of a Milan Malpensa Airport transfer ticket depends on the type of ticket purchased and the chosen service, so be sure to check the details when making your booking.

What kind of vehicle are used in Malpensa Airport transfers?

Various modes of transportation are used for Malpensa Airport transfers, including luxury trains and buses, ensuring comfortable and efficient connectivity for travelers. Please explore our different mode of transfers and ticket options for more details.

Are Milan city transfers included in the Malpensa airport transfer service?