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MilanLeonardo3 Museum

Leonardo3 Museum | Explore the World of Leonardo Da Vinci

Step into the World of Leonardo da Vinci with Leonardo3 museum tickets. Discover the life and works of Italy’s greatest luminary through more than 200 interactive exhibits and working models. Get into the mind of the genius with the digitized versions of the inventor’s sketches, notes & more. 

Why Visit the Leonardo3 Museum?

Leonardo3  Museum Tickets.
  • Interactive Exhibits: You can get hands-on experience with over 200 working models and understand the mechanics behind his flying machines, war machines, and other engineering creations.
  • Witness Vinvi's Artworks: The museum features life-size reproductions of Leonardo's famous paintings, such as "The Mona Lisa" and "The Last Supper". These replicas provide a unique opportunity to study the details and techniques employed by the genius.
  • 3D VR Experience: Engage in the museum's virtual reality experiences where visitors can virtually step into Leonardo's workshop and explore his works & inventions in 3D.
  • Codex Pages: Leonardo's notebooks, "Codices," contain his sketches, scientific theories, and observations. Learn more about it in digitized versions. 
  • Interactive Workshops: The museum allows visitors to create their art inspired by Leonardo's techniques for both children and adults, providing an immersive and engaging experience.

Which Leonardo3 Museum Ticket is Best for You?

Leonardo3  Museum Tickets.

If You are Short on Time

Go for: Skip-the-line tickets   

Duration: 1-2 hours 

Guide: Audio guide 

  • These admission tickets provide skip-the-line access, allowing you to bypass the long queues at attractions and head straight to the venue. 
  • Use the audio guide to get a better understanding of Leonardo’s work, its historical context, and interesting facts.   

Recommended Tour 

Admission Tickets to the Leonardo3 Museum

Leonardo3  Museum Tickets.

If You Want to Explore Beyond

Go for: Combo tours   

Duration: 3-4 hours 

Guide: Professional tour guide 

  • Explore other popular attractions like the Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology with the L3 Museum, offering an all-around Da Vinci experience at a fraction of the cost. 
  • Enjoy skip-the-line access and guided tours to some of the attractions.

Recommended Tour 

Combo (Save 3%): National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci + Leonardo3 Tickets  

What To See At Leonardo3 Museum?

Leonardo3  Museum Tickets.

Last Supper

Witness a digital restoration of the Last Supper, designed with the intent of reproducing the colors of the painting like that of the original in the 1500s. It gives visitors the illusion of a passage through time. 

Leonardo3  Museum Tickets.

Flying Bicycle

Look at the youthful design and engineering genius of the wing-flapping machine, governed by just one pilot. The structure resembles a modern cyclist (even before the first bicycle was invented) maneuvering a glider-like flying machine.  

Leonardo3  Museum Tickets.

Triple-tier Springalds

Admire the complex yet revolutionary war machine consisting of three springalds and a rotating arc. Notice how Da Vinci added a shield to protect the warrior and the machine. You can also get behind the mechanism of this at Codex Atlanticus.

Leonardo3  Museum Tickets.

Mona Lisa

Uncover the secrets of the world’s most mysterious painting. Get into the mind of Da Vinci, what prompted him to paint this oil painting, what makes it so perfect, and more. Learn the untold secrets from a touch panel accompanied by an audio guide. 

Leonardo3  Museum Tickets.

Grotesque Heads

Visitors can experience four of Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous sketches brought to life. You will be surrounded by four projections of these crucial figures that baffled artists & historians for centuries. Get a hands-on 3D VR experience. 

Leonardo3  Museum Tickets.

Musical instruments

Check out Da Vinci’s unique musical organs such as the Harpsichord-Viola, a portable soundbox. Next, see the Great Continuous Organ, a musical marvel. Notice how the design incorporates the Continuous organ & Pipe principle. 

Leonardo3  Museum Tickets.

Codex Atlanticus

Enjoy an interactive experience as you play around with 3D models, and flip through digital documents at this world’s largest collection of Leonardo’s manuscripts. Read through the Vinci’s texts and see fascinating reconstructions of his famous drawings. 

Leonardo3  Museum Tickets.

Robot Soldier

Observe closely the intricate details of possibly, the world’s first robotic man. Watch how a complex structure of pulleys, a drum, battle gears, a helmet, and armor all function like clockwork. Learn the hypothesis behind it from Codex Atlanticus. 

Plan Your Visit to the Leonardo3 Museum

Getting There
Leonardo3  Museum Tickets.

9:30 AM to 9 PM, Monday to Sunday 

Last admission: 1 hour before closing time 

Best time to visit: Visit just after the opening hours to buy more time to explore the interactive exhibits. You can also visit at the later hours, to avoid crowds. 

Leonardo3  Museum Tickets.

Address: Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, 11, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Find on Map

How to get there? 

  • By Metro: Lines M1, M3
    Nearest stop: Duomo, Montenapoleone 
  • By Train: Line Yellow, Line Red 
    Nearest stop: Central Station, Cadorna Station 
  • By Tram: Lines 1, 2 
    Nearest stop: Manzoni-Scala 
  • By Bus: Line 61 
    Nearest stop: Verdi-dell’Orso  
  • By Car: Take the route Via Case Rotte to reach the L3 museum
    Parking: Piazza Meda (underground parking)    
Leonardo3  Museum Tickets.
  • The museum can be accessed on wheelchairs, ramps are provided 
  • Elevators to access the upper floors
  • Allows guide dogs for the visually impaired visitors 
  • Audio guides are available 
  • Interactive app to explore the museum exhibits 
  • 3D Virtual Reality for immersive experiences 
  • Retiring rooms 
  • Allocate sufficient time to explore the museum 
  • Visitors with a visual impairment might face difficulty with VR experience   
  • Persons with restricted mobility can bring wheelchairs 
  • If you’re visiting with infants; prams, and strollers are available 
  • Try to avoid carrying heavy luggage and backpacks 
  • Check the museum’s website to learn more about upcoming temporary exhibitions 
Leonardo3  Museum Tickets.
  • I 12 Gatti: A no-frills rooftop restaurant, a popular pizza place, 1 min away 
  • Galleria Restaurant: Chic, upscale restaurant with a full glass front, known for wood-fired pizza, and pasta, 1 min away  
  • Meat Grillfood: Serves regional dishes & wines, try their famous Veal Milanese & Steak, 2 min away  
  • Ristorante Papà Francesco: Find fresh seafood platters and regional wines at this rooftop restaurant, 1 min away 
  • La Locanda del Gatto Rosso: Old-fashioned space serving one of the best regional cuisines, try Veal cutlets and risotto, 2 min away  
Leonardo3 Museum Tickets.
  • Budget:
    B&B Hotel Milano Duomo, 6 min away; Apart Hotel Lupetta 5, 6 min away  
  • Mid-range:
    Duomo Hotel & Apartments, 5 min away; The Corner Duomo Hotel & SPA, 6 min away
  • Luxury
    The Street Milano Duomo, 2 min away; Antica Locanda dei Mercanti, 6 min away
Leonardo3 Museum Tickets.
  • Piazza del Duomo: The Cathedral Square houses the Duomo Cathedral, and the Royal Palace, 4 min away  
  • Sforzesco Castle: A medieval-renaissance fortress housing historical museums and art galleries of Da Vinci & Michelangelo, 7 min away  
  • Santa Maria delle Grazie: A unique terracotta renaissance church with gothic interiors, contains Da Vinci’s The Last Supper, 12 min away 
  • Parco Sempione: A park with a tower, aquarium, theater & library, 9 min away  

Frequently Asked Questions About Leonardo3 Museum Tickets

How much is a ticket to the Leonardo3 Museum?

The ticket price of the Leonardo3 Museum starts from € 14. This includes skip-the-line entry and access to over 200 interactive machines.

How to book tickets to Leonardo3 Museum?

You can buy Leonardo3 Museum tickets online or directly from the office. However, purchasing tickets online is more convenient, time-saving, and provides instant confirmation. 

Why should I book Leonardo3 Museum tickets online?

Booking tickets online reserves your entry to the Leonardo3 Museum. Especially in the peak seasons, tickets get sold out weeks in advance. Buying tickets online eliminates this hassle, offers your some perks, and is also a convenient way to book.

What do Leonardo3 Museum tickets include?

Leonardo3 Museum tickets include access to over 200 interactive 3D machines, exhibits of instruments & war machines invented by Leonardo da Vinci, and ancient manuscripts.

Are audio guides available in Leonardo3 Museum tours?

Yes, museum audio guides are available from the venue and need to be purchased separately. Audio guides are available in 7 languages. 

Are discounts available on Leonardo3 Museum tickets?

Yes, discounts are available on combo ticket options. You can save 3% on the National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci with L3 Museum Combo, and on Milan Hop-On Hop-Off Tour with Leonardo3 Museum Combo.

Can I get skip-the-line tickets for the Leonardo3 Museum?

Yes, you can book skip-the-line tickets for the Leonardo3 Museum online. This reserves your entry to the attraction, and saves time so you can enjoy the interactive exhibits at your own pace.

What is the cancelation policy for Leonardo3 Museum tickets?

You can cancel tickets to the Leonardo3 Museum up to 24 hours before the experience starts and get a full refund.

How long does it take to tour the Leonardo3 Museum?

A complete tour of the museum and its interactive exhibits takes about 1-2 hours. But, a guided tour that involves a deeper understanding of Da Vinci’s exhibits, can take about 2.5-3 hours.